Marko and Arctic Foam Partner For The Betterment Of The Industry

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Marko & Arctic Just Teamed Up To Bring The World Sustainable Surfboard Blanks

The biggest thing in foam since the collapse of Clark Foam.

Irvine, CA: It is official, Arctic Foam has recently added Marko Foam’s extensive EPS blank catalog to their offerings for 2018. Last week, Marko Foam shipped out their first container of EPS blanks to Arctic Foam’s facilities to kick off this mega-partnership.

Marty Gilchrist, Arctic’s Head of Business Development says "We are extremely excited to join forces with Marko. Our goal has always been to make the best PU surfboard blanks in the world and Marko shares the same philosophy in regards to EPS blanks. So this partnership is a perfect match.”

What does this partnership mean? With the rising demand for quality and sustainable surfboard materials, many shapers across the globe are beginning to adapt to new sustainable methods and materials. Not only does this partnership bring shapers all over the world the best blanks but it will also support the growth of the only ECOBOARD Project approved foams on the market, Marko’s recycled content Enviro-Foam and Arctic’s Algae-based foam.

But who really benefits from this partnership?

Marko’s Coby Peterson says, “With PU still being the core of most surfboards it makes it hard for companies worldwide to invest in large shipments of only our EPS blanks. This partnership increases the availability of our surf specific EPS blanks in places we had trouble establishing long lasting distribution like Hawaii, Central and South America.”

John John’s lifelong shaper and 2x Stab In The Dark Winner Jon Pyzel is happy about the partnership, “After many years of using their foam, we are excited to have Marko Foam easily available to us here in Hawaii.  Marko has set the industry standard for a long time now and is always looking at ways to improve. We are especially excited about Marko’s recycled foam and its contribution to help create a more sustainable surfboard.”

Arctic Foam will be shipping blanks the beginning of April to all of their global distributors except for Viral Surf in Biarritz, France where Marko already has distribution set up.

Photo credit: Pyzel Surfboards

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