The Foil Fever

As you have seen all over Instagram and the internet, the surf world has spoken and 2018 is slowly becoming "The Year of the Foil." But the question is, Will it be a fad or will it stick through the ages? There are plenty of arguments on the interwebs battling this very question but we would prefer to stand back before any punches are thrown. Some might ask what is our position on this topic? Well, if you enjoy "foiling" or want to try, we are here to help you build your "foiling" dreams.


Save time, Let us shape it for you.

  • We have 3 CNC machines running here at Marko everyday of the week. Spend less time shaping and spend more time running your business or with the wife and kids. Book your CNC Foil Cut today.


The foil box inserts we use add strength to where the foil box is laminated in.

We use a 6lb. high density foam and cut it into a puck shape that is 7"x 14" with routed edges.

The insert is designed to accommodate a tuttle box and your standard longboard box.

For pricing, email Coby, Head of Foil Sales, at


Depending on your intended use, you want your foil to be lightweight yet stiff. In order to achieve those results it comes down to the materials used.

Our unique ability to control the density of each blank and our wide selection of stringer gives you the best opportunity to make the best foil board.

For all questions regarding Foil Tech, please email