Marko EPS Blank Types

Virgin Foam

The virgin surfboard blank is our staple product that has been in production since day one. This blank is made out of our newest EPS formula. This formula has the ability to be completely recycled.

Benefits to the Virgin Foam:

Stronger board due to tight fusion between the beads. Cleaner look Easier to shape because the tightly fused beads that do not fall apart.


I-foam is a highly durable copolymer material that we developed for high-performance water sports as seen in many soft boards and body boards. We brought this high-tech, lively core to the surfing public to enjoy back in the 80's. The I-Foam core has been shaped and tested in all kinds of surfing conditions to ensure the highest quality water sport foam blank is made.

Benefits of I-Foam:

No water absorption due to its closed cell material that is fused tightly together. Highly durable due to the incredible strength of the epoxy glassing and resiliency of the I-Foam material. High performance due to the memory of the I-Foam allows the rider to rebound and glide into turns easier.

*Available on select blank models

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