Appelcore surfboard stringers

3 ply black

2 Ply Brown

3 ply black-nat-black

3 ply black-yellow-black

3 ply blue-nat-blue

3 ply brown-nat-brown

3 ply green-nat-green

3 ply nat-green-nat

3 ply nat-red-nat

3 ply blue-nat-red

3 ply red-nat-red

3 ply nat-black-nat

With a 3 ply construction, your centerline stringer can be narrower while retaining excellent flex properties without compromising strength.
This makes for a lighter, “poppier” board without the stress of buckling that you would normally get from a solid 1/8″ stringer.
The result is a durable board that feels much more alive .
*NOT PICTURED* 1 Ply Black