3 Easy Ways To Sell More Surfboards Using Instagram

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Make Your Instagram Shoppable

Are you getting lots of engagement on your photos but not seeing sales conversions? Make it easier for your customers to buy your boards by having a direct link on Instagram. Researchers have seen 1,416% increase in traffic and 20% increase from Instagram Businesses with the new IG shopping function. Here’s an article to help you set up Instagram Shopping.
Here you can see Formula Fun using the Instagram shopping function.

Bring Your Boards to Life

Your customer wants to know what their life will be like riding your surfboard. So show them! With a world full of drones, GoPro’s, water proof iPhones and teenage mutant photographers there is no excuse for not posting high quality content….especially video. Video marketing is a hot topic these days and has proven to increase sales ten fold when used consistently throughout your brands marketing campaign.
Hunter Jones riding a heart shaped twin fin by Ryan Harris of Earth Technologies for Valentine's Day.

Share Testimonials

What is the last P in the 5 P’s of marketing? People! According to Nielsen Media, 70% of consumers say they always take action based on online personal opinions. Whether you sold your last board to a 12 year old local grom or Kelly Slater, share their story…with their approval of course. Who doesn’t like a little social media spotlight? It’s a Win Win.
Go Pro seems to know their 5 P's of Marketing....I think ;)
Hope this helps and good luck on the interwebs!
-Team Marko

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