Jordy and Lakey ride ECOBOARDS

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Jordy and Lakey Go Eco

Sooooo....Why don't you? Channel Islands has recently proven they are leading the way in sustainable board construction. Not only are they using Sustainable Surf approved materials like our Envrio-Foam and Entropy's Super Sap Resin, they are getting their top riders to ride Eco-boards at the highest level. We are talking about these surfers paychecks on the line! In the past, surfer's have been skeptical to ride Eco-boards with fear that they would not perform at the highest level or be able to pull off A-grade aestheic. Well the time has come and ChanneI Islands Eco-boards seem to be proving that you do not need to sacrifice aesthetic or performance for sustainability.

For more information on how to build an eco board or where to buy one, check out Sustatinable Surf's Eco-Board Project page HERE.

For full episode from Outside TV, WATCH HERE


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