Channel Islands x Mini Eco-Hybrid

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Channel islands x mini eco-hybrid

Well this is definitely a power couple if we've ever seen one. Recently, Channel Islands and Mini USA  teamed up with their common passions for both performance and sustainability. This video features Professional Surfer Kalani Robb who charges both in and out of the water. Kalani has always been pushing the limits whether he is surfing on his MINI ECO-HYBRID surfboard or driving his MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid. While the MINI is a hybrid of electricity and gas, the MINI ECO-HYBRID surfboard is a hybrid of shape and is also the most sustainable certified eco-friendly surfboard available. Making both these Hybrids not only "green", but also a real charge.

The MINI Eco-Hybrid surfboard utilizes our ECOBOARD Project qualified Marko EPS Enviro-Foam blanks and Entropy Resin's Super Sap epoxy resin. The board is hand-built at CI’s “Gold Level” certified factory in Santa Barbara (as validated by Sustainable Surf). To add a cherry on top, all California stock boards are hand-delivered without any need for packaging. Beginning in June 2017 all MINI ECO-HYBRID boards in surf shops will be the “greenest” stock board you can buy.

We are proud to be involved in such a progressive project spearheaded by brands who are pushing their industries when it comes to performance and sustainability. You cannot perform at high levels like Mini USA and Channel Islands without caring about your #core. We salute you CI x MINI for your efforts. Thanks for choosing us! #YourCoreMatters

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