Digital Surfboard Caliper - Marko Foam Blanks
Digital Surfboard Caliper - Marko Foam Blanks

Digital Surfboard Caliper


  • CNC machine shaped aluminmun

  • Black powder coated
  • Precision measurements to the 1000th decimal
  • Read in both inches and millimeters
  • Spring loaded lever
  • Durable and balanced

Terms of use

1. Preparation
Before the use of the Marko calipers check that the measuring surface is clear of dirt
particles. Clean with a soft dry cloth if necessary. Since the unit will be used in areas where dust and material particles are prevalent, the measuring surface should be cleaned often.
2. Functions
The calipers has an on and off switch to activate or deactivate the unit. There is a blue switch on the upper portion of the unit that will allow the caliper to read either inches or millimeters. The yellow button on the bottom portion of the face is used to “0” out the caliper reading. This function can be used at any point in the measuring range. When measuring a board, allow the caliper to close, “0” out the caliper by pushing the yellow zero button, next, open the caliper, insert the board and gently lower the arm. Your thickness reading will be on the digital scale.

3. Tips for servicing
The Marko caliper is to be protected against humidity. This environment endangers the
electronic components. Batteries can be replaced by using a LR44 button battery.
Open the battery field located on the top of the digital body. Replace the battery.

Package specifications

22" x 16" x 4" - 7lb/3.18kg