The ProTest: An ecoboard challenge

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how do we get people to actually ride sustainable surfboards?

Enter The ProTest

Meet the Hawaiann duo of Cliff Kapono and Kahi Pacarro. While Cliff is a surfer and scientist pursuing a graduate degree from the University of California San Diego, Kahi Pacarro is the Executive Director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. The pair has a shared concern for the impact that surfers have on the environment and they have devised a plan to raise awareness for eco-friendly surfcraft with The ProTest: An ECOBOARD Challenge.

The ProTest is a submission-based video contest in which pro surfers are encouraged to test out high performance eco-boards (approved by Sustainable Surf) this winter at surfing's ultimate proving grounds.....THE NORTH SHORE!

Thanks to both Surfer and Vans, a $10,000 cash prize (plus $1,000 for the videographer) is out for the best eco-board performance caught on video.

Stay tuned as Kapono and Pacarro post new submissions to throughout the North Shore season.

We're stoked to see our foam get pushed to limits this Winter!

Special thanks to Surfer, Vans and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.

Here are Some shapers already "Protesting"....

Kamalei Alexander

Glenn Pang

Carl Schaper

Wade and kerry tokoro

Robin Johnston

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