3D Scanning Service

What is a 3D digital scanning service?

The 3D scanner allows us to scan fast with precision for any shape, length or geometry. We can use your hand shaped board and transfer it into a virtual 3D design.

Why choose the 3D scanning service?

The goal of our digital scanning service is not to replace hand shaping altogether but rather make your design easily replicable for your customers. With 500 measurements per second and up to 0.004 inch accuracy, the 3D scanner allows us to scan fast with absolute precision for any shape, length or geometry.

What format is my scan delivered?

Scan can be delivered in a .STL mesh file that is compatible with many CAD programs or with a rebuilt surface that is CNC cutting ready.

How much is a scan?


Up to 7'0'' - $265

7'1"-10'0" - $330

10'1"-12'0" - $365

12'0" - $375


Up to 12'6" (no recess) - $395

Up to 12'6" (w/ recess) - $460

12'6"-14' - $560

14' and Up - $660

How do I schedule a scan?

Email info@markofoam.com